26 Settembre 2016



Volterra AD 1398

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Volterra AD 1398
third and fourth Sundays of August where an re-enactment of the medieval period takes place in the historical center of Volterra and during the week with medieval initiatives by the eight contradas and historical groups of Volterra.
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Artistic Artisan Itinerary

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un artigiano al lavoro
the shops of the artisans of Arteinbottega will be open for all those who wish to acquaint themselves with our traditional crafts. The map and the itinerary can be requested at Arteinbottega, it also is available at the Volterran Tourism Consortium in Piazza dei Priori.
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Leaning Tower of Pisa in alabaster

the gratest work of Art in Alabaster throughout the world

Associazione Arte in Bottega Volterra
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