16 Ottobre 2021
the artisans

20 - Marco Ricciardi
- Alabaster

Arte in Bottega
caffè rovesciato
Road / square: Via Porta Diana, casa ab. Osteriaccia
Municipality: 56048 Volterra (Pi)

show room: OASI´S snc Via A. Gramsci, 20 56048 Volterra (Pi)
Tel. - fax esposizione: 050084082

In his scholastic years Ricciardi discovers the pleasure of extracting forms of everyday objects from the versatility of the stone. This pleasure prevails on the apprehension of the classic technique and brings to life voluptuously colored and shiny candies, attractive in unreal combination with improbable ice creams... But that which Marco Ricciardi invents and produces in the following years does not want to refuse the volterran sculptural tradition. It is rather the idea, never fully accomplished, of offering a different, unedited, non banal version of reality and its objects; a copy of true life, however, in which manual ability and formal research have always to be sought. The final result undoubtedly determines a strong visual impact. The experience accumulated through years, passion and knowledge of the stone have shown as determinant. Up to that moment when the cup of coffee or the ìricciardelliî of alabaster, a real ìspecialtyî of the craftsman, leave space for small sculptures and restoration works. With these objects a pure pleasure of picking up the tools and putting himself on the job takes place, following what the material wants.
Marco Ricciardi
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